Going Underground in Severe Weather

Going Underground in Severe Weather
By: Arnold Wyrick
Buckner, IL - These past couple of weeks have taught all of that we need a plan when it comes to remaining safe, when severe weather strikes. If your home doesn't have a basement, then you might want to think about investing in an underground storm shelter.
The Southern Illinois Storm Shelter company in Buckner has been making life saving devices for the past 8 years.
"They're really simply to get into. All you do is open the door, walk down the steps, lock the door and you're about as safe as you're going to get. You're 5' to 6' underground ultimately you're covered up, that's the best place you could be," says Owner Scott Ingoldsby.
The fiberglass shelters come in a wide range of sizes, from a 4 person shelter all the way up to an 18 person. They also range in cost for the shelter and installation for the 4 person at about $3,500 up to around $8,000 for the largest of the models.
And the demand for them is increasing by the day, as more severe weather is predicted for the Heartland.
"Unfortunately that's what it takes. But people are seeing the need for them now more and more. It's becoming a year round business. But when the weather hits it really creates a demand," Ingoldsby said.
In fact he's planning on bringing on a 3rd shift to catch up on all of the orders he's received in the past week. The shelters are being sold as far away as Nebraska, and South to Florida, to North Carolina.
"We've got some at the Mercedes Benz plant in Alabama, for their security guards. Whitman Air Force Base in Missouri has installed numerous amounts of the units. They're going in all over."