Charleston Residents React to Latest Shooting

Charleston Residents React to Latest Shooting
By: Erica Byfield

Charleston, MO - The latest world-wind of violent crime has residents in Charleston begging for change.

Life time residents like Betty Housman can't believe their communities dealing with two deadly shootings in one week, "Charleston normally a pretty peaceful place."

"That's the really sad part about it, as small as this town is and things like this happen," said Betty McGee.

"It's crazy and it's scary it makes you worried for your kids growing up when things are like this," declared Laurie Housman.

Many of the folks I talked to Friday would not go on camera but they all echoed similar feelings, they want change.

"You would think things were getting better around here," said McGee.

Residents also add if something does not happen soon, it could hurt them in their pocketbooks. Why? Their annual Dogwood Festival is only a few weeks away and normally brings in loads of tourists.

"It's getting closer to that time now and you have that hanging over your head... you know 2 deaths in one week," said McGee.

"If was emphasized it was a main street in Charleston and a lot of people go up and down this street to come in and out of Charleston... you know they might be a little afraid," said Housman.

The real factor that's striking a cord with people here is they've lost two men in matter of one week… to deadly violence in the middle of the night.

"It's in a younger generation, that's the killer about it. It keeps getting the young people... life hasn't even started yet and it's over," added McGee.