Tonight on Heartland News

Tonight on Heartland News

Happy Friday!
I don't know about you, but this afternoon's weather (at least here in Cape) actually makes it feel like a Friday. Here's a look at some of your top stories, courtesy of Heartland News:

Twice as Concerning
A second deadly shooting rocks the city of Charleston in just a week's time. This time, a 23 year old father of three is gunned down near a busy intersection. His family says he was caught in the crossfire. What do police think? Lauren Keith hears the family's emotional story, as Erica Byfield gets reaction from a community with real safety concerns.

Welcome to the Debate
Our country's newest citizens can be found on the SIU campus, where they went through their naturalization ceremony this morning. But, becoming a citizen is hard work, and can be a long process. So, how do these folks feel about the possibility of illegal immigrants being allowed to stay here without penalty? We'll find out in Arnold Wyrick's story.

Corn-Fed Promises
Have you heard this before? A Heartland community announces plans for a huge, multi-million dollar ethanol plant. We've heard it at least half a dozen times in recent years. The latest community to make the claim: Sikeston. Find out why leaders there think their plant is the real deal.

If I Had a Hammer
Here's your Friday feel-good story. A church group grabs their tool belts, hikes up their collective britches, and gets to work rebuilding a roof torn off by severe storms earlier this month. We should all have friends like the ones Jeff Cunningham will introduce you to tonight.

I know, I know. How could there be more? Well, with two half hours to fill, I assure you there is - including a new home for a fallen city leader's trial, new research (done locally!) on women and AIDS, and a real animal hits the basketball court.

This will be the last alert I send until April 10 (Vegas vacation, baby!). Have a great weekend, an awesome week, and keep watching!

Kathy Sweeney
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