Heartland SciGirls

Heartland SciGirls
By:  Jason Lindsey
Carbondale, IL - Science has really gone to the girls in southern Illinois. A unique club called SciGirls recently kicked off a new season at The Science Center in Carbondale.
SciGirls is a science club just for girls! Organizer Beth Spezia says it's not because boys aren't important. The reason, research shows that by the time girls get to middle school they're turned off by science.
This science club shows girls the fun behind science. These future girl scientists launch rockets, build hovercrafts, and blow up things. Bottom line, SciGirls is an experiment gone good.
Are you a middle school girl interested in the SciGirls Club? If so, contact outreach coordinator, Beth Spezia via e-mail (beth.spezia@wsiu.org) or by phone (1-618-453-5595).