Woman Battles Cancer Not Once, But Twice

Every month on the 12th, we remind women how important it is to do breast self-exams and to get regular check-ups. We also introduce you to a breast cancer survivor. Our September Buddy Check 12 report is about Anita Coomer, a woman who has battled the disease not only once, but twice.

Anita says, "You just can't do anything, you're down for the count." Anita Coomer is no stranger to fighting breast cancer, and to going through chemo. We talked to Anita in January of 1998, three years after she found her first lump. Now, she's doing well and staying strong, a little over a week since her last chemo treatment in her second battle with breast cancer. Anita says, "The second time, was I believe a little more scary than the first time. Knowing what I was going to go through, the surgery, the chemo, again, it's just very scary."

Anita knows the fear of fighting a disease, a fear that she sees at her job everyday. Anita is a nurse assistant at Southeast Hospice, and visits terminally ill patients. Her patients are just one the reasons she stays strong. Anita says, "I have a family and a job and we're looking forward to a new grandchild in February. I have a lot of things to do before the new grand baby gets here. In addition to urging all women to do breast self-exams and go to their doctor for regular check-ups, Anita also encourages all women to talk to their doctors about any questions or concerns they may have.