Tonight on Heartland News

Tonight on Heartland News

Good afternoon. Thanks for choosing to get a head start on the day's news with this e-news alert. Here's a look at some of the stories we're working on for Heartland News at 5 and 6:

Tragic Turn
Last week, we told you about SIU fundraiser Nancy Martin's surprising disappearance in New Jersey. Today, the story takes a tragic turn as Martin's body is found and her eldest son is arrested in connection with her murder. Wes Wallace joins us live from the Carbondale campus with the latest on the case, and reaction from Ms. Martin's university colleagues.

If you've ever driven down Route 13 from Marion to Carbondale, you know that 13 mile stretch is considered prime business real estate. Well now, the city of Carterville would like to expand by annexing a portion of that land - land on the other side of the Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge. As one state lawmaker tries to make that happen, Carbondale city leaders are up in arms (the land is actually closer to Carbondale than Carterville!) Arnold Wyrick's got both sides of this land battle.

Who You Gonna Call?
One Heartland volunteer department says residents won't be calling them for medical emergencies and other needed services, unless a tax referendum passes next Tuesday. In fact, department leaders say the money is so desperately needed, they've already agreed on cutbacks if it doesn't pass. How do residents feel about this strong tactic on a tax vote? CJ Cassidy finds out.

Honey, I'm Home
It's not the kind of visit you want, but one that makes for great TV. A parked truck somehow became un-parked, and ended up paying an unexpected visit to a local man's house! You'll want to see this video for yourselves!

Ballot Bonanza
I've already mentioned one ballot issue facing voters next week. We've also got a host of towns hoping to get the needed cash to either improve their schools, or build new ones.

Plus, another Heartland district broke ground for a $3.5 million dollar performing arts center! Watch for these stories, plus learn a lesson in clean living from some of the region's youngest citizens, tonight on Heartland News.

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