Cairo Police Add an Officer from the Czech Republic

Cairo Police Add an Officer from the Czech Republic
By:  Holly Brantley

Cairo, IL - Cairo Police are adding an officer. He comes all the way from the Czech Republic and is only one year old. He's a Belgium Malinois named 'Argo.'

"This department hasn't had a K-9 in quite some time, at least ten years or more," said Argo's trainer, Cpl. Terry Crowe.

More than a year ago, the department decided to make a drug dog a priority. "The war that we're trying to battle on drugs is just incredible," said Cpl. Crowe. "We have a lot of drugs in this town and he's already helped us out quite a bit." Argo's first bust was made at the Days Inn in Cairo. Police says his nose led them to $57,000 in drug money. Cairo's police department will eventually get about eighty percent of that sum. "He's pretty well paid for himself," said Cpl. Crowe. "He cost us about $1000 on a grant."

Patrolman Danny Brown puts drug evidence in the trunk of this car to demonstrate Argo's skills.

Argo is more than a drug dog. He's trained in tracking, apprehension, and rescue. Police officers expect Argo to help them make a big dent in the war on drugs in Cairo. "We go to situations where we run from us," said Ofc. Danny Brown. "By the time they get away they've dropped or thrown the drugs. Argo is faster than all of us." Officers say if they can get Argo to the right place at the right time, they expect him to make a big dent in Cairo's war on drugs. And what do folks in Cairo think? Those Heartland News spoke with had already heard of Argo and they know he's already responsible for a big bust. Residents say they are hopeful he will help take down more lawbreakers.