Immigration Debate in The Heartland

Immigration Debate in The Heartland
By: Erica Byfield

Mayfield, KY - Mayfield is a home away from home for the Guardin's.

This family's spent more than the past decade building their American dream, owning a business.

Herado Guardin, a father of three, tells me he can't think of a better place to raise his children.

"Here, almost everything is easier... if, you work you can have everything you need. In exchange if you live in Mexico or another country you suffer more trying to find a job and just to survive," said Guardin.

The recent debate about changing immigration laws is making headlines around here too... because, to these folks think this issue needs some attention.

"You have to offer the opportunity for everyone to express their opinions," added Guardin.

"We're showing all the people in the community that we are fighting for our rights... and I think its right thing to do," said Victor Guardin, the younger brother of Herado.

Victor also points out he and others are paying taxes and want to be here.

"The law should give a person some kind of permit were they can be able to work and better themselves along with their family," said Victor, "our goal and I think it's about goal is better themselves and live in a safe place."

Until immigration laws are changed this family assures me they'll be praying for the best, since this legislation could be either a blessing or a curse for immigrants from all walks of life.