Rescue Dog Shot

Rescue Dog Shot
By:  Holly Brantley
Bollinger County, MO - Charlie is a trained search and rescue dog, but to a Bollinger County family he's more than that, he's like one of their children. So, imagine what it must have been like to discover Charlie had been shot near the family's home Thursday morning. It's something the Keller's say happens far too often in their rural neighborhood.

"I was expecting the worst," said Eric Keller. "He looks really good." Charlie's recovery is far from over, but now that the Doberman is back home with his family...The Keller's are once again complete.

"My three year old girl can get on his back and pretend he's a horse," Jerri Keller said.  "She can make him sit and speak. He loves her. He follows her everywhere."

Charlie is not only the family's companion, he's also a trained search and rescue dog. "He's looked for missing persons, and skeletal remains," Jerri explained.

The Keller's have no idea why someone would shoot their family pet. Jerri Keller says she found Charlie bleeding outside the family's home in Bollinger County around 9:30 Thursday morning. The Keller's found a trail of blood leading about a quarter mil up the road from their house. "We figured he might have gone up the road and our neighbor shot him," Eric said. "He had to have the heart to make it form there to here," said Jerri. "He basically had no eyes."

Veteranarian Bruce Branum says Charlie had been shot through the eye. "We see a lot of dogs with gun shot wounds. Lots with pellets that have nothing to do with what they come into the office for," Branum said."It's pretty common."     The Keller's agree it's too common. They hope whoever did this to Charlie will stop and think before another family has to suffer. "If you don't want a dog on your property you tell the people. You shouldn't be shooting a dog," said Eric.

Branum says Charlie is making a dramatic recovery. The Bollinger County Sheriff's Department has been contaced about the shooting.