UPDATE: Fund Organized for Boy Accidentally Shot in the Head

UPDATE: Fund Organized for Boy Accidentally Shot in the Head
By: Erica Byfield
Fulton County, KY -- It's an accident that's devastated a Western Kentucky family.  Two brothers were out shooting guns for sport around 6 p.m. Thursday night, when the worst happened, one accidentally hits the other.  It happened in the family’s own back yard at their home in Fulton County.
Now, a fund has been set up for the family to help them pay medical expenses. If you would like to help you can mail or drop off donations to the following address:
Steven Greer Fund
The Citizens Bank 
P O Box 268 Hickman, KY 42050

Family members say it wasn't unusual for eleven year old Steven Greer and his 16 year old brother to shoot guns in their backyard.  In fact Steven's older brother had just got a new 22 caliber rifle for his birthday days earlier, when the pair set out to shoot birds on a fence row.

Fulton County Sheriff, Robert Hopper said, "they had done that in the past before he got his gun... my understanding is he used his fathers or the two boys did."  However, an evening like any other turned tragic.  "The older of the duo was firing shotgun at a bird when the eleven year old stepped in front of him,” said Sheriff Hopper.  The sheriff goes on to say that's when the older brother accidentally shot his younger brother in the head.  The boy’s grandmother tells us the teen says he never even saw Steven in front of him until it was too late.

When Steven's father heard what happened he called 9-1-1 and ran outside.  Within minutes emergency crews arrived on the scene and rushed the boy to a local hospital.  The eleven year old was later flown by Air-Vac to Le Bonheurs Children’s Hospital in Memphis. As of Monday afternoon he was still in Memphis.

Sheriff Hopper said, "it's very unfortunate that something like this would happen, it's unfortunate for the one who got shot and also for the one that done the shooting...I know it's very traumatic for him too."

It's especially hard for the family to cope because they say both boys had taken a "shooting sports" training course on how to use guns properly.  And now family members say all they can do is pray...and hope for the best.  Steven Greer remains in critical condition tonight.

School officials at Fulton Middle School, where Steven is a sixth grader, say counselors were on hand in classrooms this morning talking to students.