Tonight on Heartland News

Tonight on Heartland News

Good afternoon! I hope this cloudy Thursday isn't getting you down. It's NCAA tourney time again, so if you still have a bracket left (mine exploded when all my Heartland/fringe teams tanked), you've got something to look forward to. Now, here's what you can look forward to tonight on Heartland News:

Gimme Shelter
Unfortunately, the stray animals of Union County will soon have to find another home. The latest fallout from that horse auction controversy (remember county leaders plan to sell horses rescued from a county farm?) is the closure of Union County's animal shelter. Arnold Wyrick catches up with the recently resigned animal control officer (she quit over the horses) to find out where the shelter's cats and dogs will end up, and how this shutdown will affect more than just Union County.

Start Your Engines
If you know rubbin' is racin' (I learned that working weekends with Chad Fryman!), you'll be excited to hear the Paducah International Raceway opens tomorrow night. This is the track owned by NASCAR greats Dale Junior, Kenny Schrader, and businessman Bob Sargent. Erica Byfield takes us live to a big preview of the opening race, and tells us what we can expect in the weeks and months to come.

Chemistry is Cool
Jason Lindsey found that out at the Chem Bowl, hosted by Southeast Missouri State University. And this is a true Heartland's best, with 23 schools represented by 164 students from Calloway County to the Bootheel to the northernmost corner of Southern Illinois. PLUS - Fire In the Hole! Jason will actually start a fire in the studio as he shows us a Science Lab experiment Live at 5.

You Got To Know When To Help Them...
Folks at the Kenny Rogers Children's Center in Sikeston know exactly what to do to help children with their therapy needs. But, do you really know what the center has to offer? Tiffany Sisson takes us inside to show us the kind of help provided to countless kids.

All this is coming your way, plus word that federal budget cuts could hurt local EMS workers, the latest on a tale of murder and a missing family out of Tennessee, and a glimmer of hope in your weekend forecast.

Our 6pm news is benched by the tourney, but please join us tonight for Heartland News at 5, 9, and 10.

Take care,
Kathy Sweeney