Fatal Attraction

Fatal Attraction
By:  Wes Wallace
Bonne Terre, MO -- A babysitter poisons another woman, in an attempt to get her husband all to herself.  It sounds like a plot for a movie of the week, but it's a real life story in Missouri.
"My wife was lying here, collapsed on the floor," explains Brian Hausler, "Her wrists and face were completely black."
Hausler describes the horrifying scene, when found his wife Angie on the floor of the Bonne Terre home.  What he didn't know at the time...why his wife was sick.
Investigators call it a case of fatal attraction.   Officers say 33-year old Tina Vazquez was a babysitter for the Hausler family for about six to eight months.  They also say she's the reason for Angie Hausler's illness.
"She said 'I put something in Angie's medicine' and I asked her what did you do?," says Brian, "She paused and said I put neo-nitrate in her medicine."
Tina Vazquez works at the Ozark Pride Meat Company, authorities say she picked up *sodium nitrate* from there and would slip it into Angie Hausler's soda.   On Saturday, though, investigators say Vazquez put some in Angie's medicine.
Police arrested Vazquez and charged her with first degree assault, which carries at 10 to 30-year sentence, up to life in prison.