"Street Preacher" Wins in Primary

"Street Preacher" Wins in Primary
By: Ryan Tate
Alexander County, IL - It is not often that a political candidate is commonly known by a nickname, and not his real name. In Alexander County, the general election in November will have one of those candidates.
Duane "Street Preacher" Lyon won the Democratic Nomination for a County Commissioner seat, when he defeated two other candidates Tuesday. Lyon captured 41% of the vote. He will run against Mike Caldwell in the November General Election.
"I've never held a political office and I've never ran for political office," Lyon said. "But all my life has been a campaign. All my life I've been fighting for one thing or another."
Lyon put up more than 350 signs and handed out more than 1,000 bumper stickers across the county. Many of them didn't have his name on it, only "Street Preacher." Lyon moved to Alexander County from Indiana back in 1999, to open a religious mission in Cairo.
"I saw a need for leadership," Lyon said. "Some days I walked 13 miles in one day. I didn't enter this race to come in second."
There are three County Commissioner seats in Alexander County. Each has a six year term.