Heartland Men Linked to Colorado Poaching

Heartland Men Linked to Colorado Poaching
By: Wes Wallace
Ste. Genevieve, MO - Three Missouri men are set to appear in a Colorado courtroom on Wednesday, for charges stemming from illegal hunting and poaching.
"It all started about three years ago, when we got tipped off about some illegal activity in Colorado," explains Cape Girardeau County Conservation Agent Darin Pettit, "There's a hunting guide service based in Ste. Genevieve called Renegade Guide Service, and that's where the Missouri connection comes into play."
Wildlife investigators from both Missouri and Colorado worked the case involving Gregory Jaegers of Ste. Genevieve. They say Jaegers and several of his clients face several felony and misdemeanor charges, including more serious crimes of illegal sale of wildlife and felony willful destruction of wildlife. Two other Missouri men, Richard Shroeder of Festus and Keith Schweiss of Bloomsdale face similar charges.
"In Missouri, we don't have a lot of felonies we come across that are wildlife related, so this is a big thing," explains Darin Pettit, "These people were doing a lot of harvesting over limits of animals, they were doing a lot of hunting with out permits, and doing some illegal guiding."
Pettit tells Heartland News most of the animals killed or sold were big game, like a mountain lion, bears, elk, and mule deer. The conservation officer adds there are probably 25-30 more arrests pending, and that the investigation is far from over.