Spotlight on Speed Traps


Spotlight on Speed Traps
By: Erica Byfield

Obion County, IL - Speeding is never right, but in some areas driving one mile per hour of the limit could land you a hefty ticket.

And, in Tennessee these "speed traps" are getting some legislative attention.

According to a new bill (HB3864) any town that gets at least fifty percent of its revenue from traffic tickets would have to post "blue" speed limit signs.

"It would be nice to have a something to alert you if a colored sign it gives the driver a chance to slow down in time," said Rich Barker a driver traveling through Obion County Tuesday afternoon.

The County Sheriff doesn't agree.

"It seems kind of sense less the speed limit signs are going to be enforced and you have to alert someone saying you have a higher enforcement area is kind of defeating the purpose," said Sheriff Jerry Vastbinder.

If this bill becomes law each town would have to pay to upgrade the signs; and there's also the factor of all of the lost annual revenue.

"The small towns might not like it if it's a good source of their income... but the object of a speed limit is safety not to make money," added Barker.

The bill made its way to the Public Transportation and Highways Committee on Tuesday afternoon.