Invention Marketing

Invention Marketing
By: Erica Byfield

Paducah, KY - Coming up with an idea is the first step, making it a reality is another beast.

Gary McMillan and Jeff Duncan's specialize in marketing items, and think the Dual-Flow is their next big hit.

"It basically allows you to free flow the water or high pressure spray water from the same nose end utility," said McMillin.

These entrepreneurs don't invent the products, but do all the leg work to get them into the public eye.

"We have some very strict criteria that we apply and then if a product idea meets the criteria then we seek to license the rights of the product," mentioned McMillin.

Licensing is only the first step. Then both McMillan and Duncan have to factor in the costs of getting the item off the road. That includes items like: media, prototype, design, travel and engineering costs.

Another tip, if you choose to use a company to market your invention you may try you may try to find one that specializes in your industry; like Choice Product does for items in the lawn and garden and non hand power-tool market.

"One of the trademarks of our company is to stick with what we do well not try to broaden that scope very much," said Duncan.

"Unfortunately in today's world/business worlds it's sometimes not really how good the product is, it's how good are your efforts in getting the product in front of the right people," said McMillin

Choice Products only has a staff of two. Both Duncan and McMillin put years a work behind each product they promote, and so far all of that efforts paid off.

They average about two or three years per product to get it fully in the marketplace.

"If you truly believe in your product and you think that is good don't take rejection as the final word," added McMillin.

The Dual-Flow is currently available on the company's web site, and will make a public appearance on QVC later next month.