Purple Crackle to Change Its Colors

Purple Crackle to Change Its Colors
By: Ryan Tate
East Cape Girardeau, IL - The Purple Crackle is known to many in the Heartland, but it's about to change it's colors. The owners of the Purple Crackle plan to rent it out to Stephanie Capps, the owner of "Stephanie Cabaret," the strip club in Cape Girardeau and Paducah. According to East Cape Girardeau Mayor Joe Aden, the new club will be known as the "Big Blue Martini."
"Every business we have is imperative, because of the dollars and cents it brings to the community,"Aden said. "We need the money to survive."
For the last few months, the Purple Crackle has only been open for lottery ticket sales. The owner of the business could not be reached for comment.
Some people how live near the Purple Crackle do not have any issues with the new business coming into town.
"Just as long as it doesn't wake me up at night, I have no problem with it," Randy Rodgers said. Rodgers lives a few hundred feet from the Purple Crackle. But others do have issue with the new business.
"I am not too comfortable with it, I don't approve of it," Vicki Kissiar said. She lives next door to Rodgers. "I have two small children and I don't think it is a good idea."