Tonight on Heartland News!

Tonight on Heartland News!

Welcome to Spring! The weather may not be cooperating, but at least the calendar tells us warmer days are ahead. Here are some of the hot stories we're working on for you tonight:

Signed, Sealed, Delivered to Iraq
Some Heartland first graders took the time to write to one of their classmate’s dad, who’s working civilian detail in Iraq . He was so pleased to get all the letters, his wife wants to encourage all of us to grab pen and paper. And she should know how important letters from home are, most of her family is in Iraq right now!

A City’s Loss
When a well-known business in Ellington burned to the ground this morning, it impacted the entire town. Holly Brantley shows us the downtown destruction, and talks to folks who feel bad that their former mayor not only lost his business, but his building.

How Young Scientists Get the Gold
Two words: physics Olympics. Science reporter Jason Lindsey takes us to a competition more exciting than any luge or downhill run. From hovercrafts to slingshots, you won't want to miss his report!

Court: The Anti-Drug
You may have heard of drug court by now. You may even have one in your home county. But, do you really know what it does and who finds themselves in this kind of courtroom? CJ Cassidy takes us down to Dunklin County , where those in charge of drug court say if everyone knew how successful it is, every county would have one.

Inventing Success
Have you ever had a good idea you wanted to market to the masses? Some guys in Paducah know just what you should, and shouldn't do to get on the map. Watch for their tips in Erica Byfield's report.

All this plus a preview of Illinois’ primary elections (can you say heated Governor’s race?), a burglar caught about as red-handed as you can get, and our chances for spring snow. (yikes)

I hope you can join me tonight for Heartland News!

Kathy Sweeney
Heartland News at Five