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Dunklin County, MO

Humane Society Dog Rescue

Humane Society Dog Rescue
By: CJ Cassidy

DUNKLIN COUNTY, MO - - Humane Society investigators rescued more than 100 dogs from Margaret Chandler's property in Dunklin County, Tuesday.

Investigators say most of the dogs appear to be suffering from a variety of illnesses.

Even more distressing, however, is that this isn't the first time animals have been taken from her property.

Chandler never faced charges stemming from a 2001 incident, and investigators don't know if she will face charges this time around, although they plan on making recommendations to prosecutors that Chandler at least receive some type of counseling along with neglect charges.

The Senath City Attorney admits he helped get Chandler a certificate to operate a non profit corporation called the Senath Humane Society.

A certificate though, not a license, only the State Department of Agriculture can grant a license, and that's where things get sticky.

"We've seen evidence of what we think is mange, and secondary infections caused by mange, we've got overgrown toenails possibly broken limbs, eye and ear infections," Kyle Held with the Humane Society says.

Held calls it one of the largest rescues from a single home. Altogether, crews loaded up 140 dogs from Chandler's property, 40 of them lived inside the house.

"In the case of a lot of hoarders they actually think they're doing good for the animals providing for the animals in every way, when in fact majority of them can't possibly care for that many animals," Held says.

Many of the 170 dogs investigators took away from Chandler's house five years ago had to be put to sleep.

"The owner realized there was a problem, and I wanted to take the high road, and give her the option of transferring animals without any kind of consequences on the agreement this wouldn't happen again. Unfortunately that agreement didn't go through," held tells Heartland News.

Chandler's friends claim she didn't have a choice.

"The problem is, she has people drop off dogs here all the time they know she will take care of them she names them loves them houses them," David Bristow says. He and his wife helped Chandler set up a non profit corporation called the Senath Humane Society to take care of all the strays.

"Margie's got a heart as big as Texas. I think something needs to be done but stuff like this is gonna hurt her. She tries as hard as she can, she's not deliberately abusing animals she just doesn't get the help she needs," Bristow says.

Help is here now and as they rescue sick animal after sick animal, the Humane Society is reminded that the best of intentions don't always lead to the best of care.

The Humane Society is always accepting donations, and say they can certainly use some now.

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