SEMO Players Talk About Investigation

SEMO Players Talk About Investigation
By: Ryan Tate
Cape Girardeau, MO - Investigators with the NCAA are in Cape Girardeau to interview members of the Southeast Missouri State Women's basketball program. In February, the athletic department contacted officials with the Ohio Valley Conference about possible rules violations. People and organizations involved with investigation will not comment on what the allegations are, or the severity of them.
The NCAA investigator arrived on campus Monday, the same day the team found out it will play Stanford in the First Round of the NCAA tournament. This is the first trip to the Tournament for the program.
"We're trying to get to the second round. We're taking it one game at a time. Anything else on the side, not paying attention to it," Senior Natalie Purcell said.
"We're prepared to respond to the best of our ability," Athletic Director Don Kaverman said.
"We'll let it work itself out. Lord willing it will work itself out," Head Coach B.J. Smith said.
Heartland News contacted officials with the Ohio Valley Conference and the NCAA and neither would comment on the investigation until it is complete.
According to Senior Guard Tiffanne Ryan, the investigator interviewed a "few" players Monday, including her. She would not comment on the investigation.