Ste. Genevieve County Impacted by Saturday's Storms

Ste. Genevieve County Impacted by Saturday's Storms
By: CJ Cassidy
STE. GENEVIEVE COUNTY, MO --Ste. Genevieve County also suffered damage from Saturday night's storms. Police say two elderly people were rushed to the hospital after they were critically injured in the twister.
"It was a sound; I'm 70-years old and I hope I never hear that sound again," Dolores Clemens says. 
She and her husband rushed from their mobile home to take refuge in their daughter's home, and only ventured out after it was all over.
"It's all very unreal. If we wouldn't have gotten to my daughters in those three minutes we wouldn't be here either," Clemens says as she stands in the place her mobile home once stood. 
Still, Clemens and her family are mostly worried about their elderly neighbors who lived down the road. The tornado tossed their mobile home almost a hundred yards away, with the couple inside.
"My mom's dog found Sue and Leonard lying on the field thrown out of the trailer, and we came and called 911. She was all torn up with a broken back," Clemens' son, Tim says. "I thought they were dead, because I have never seen anything like it before."
Tim also hopes his friend Norval Thompson recovers from his losses. Thompson says he lost some livestock in the storm and most of his farm buildings.
"Everything I worked for all my life, was just gone in a couple of seconds," he says.
Surprisingly however, just like the widespread damage, hope too appears to be alive and well in these rural, close knit communities.
"This is the best neighborhood in the world with my friends and family," Thompson says gesturing to all the folks out helping with the clean up.
"I appreciate all the help I'm getting; every bit of it," Dolores Clemens says, adding she'll count on that support as she rebuilds her home and her life, among the people she loves.
Friends and family members say the elderly couple is still in critical condition.
Red Cross workers were also out in Ste. Genevieve County to help with the cleanup on Sunday.