Calloway County “Round-Up”

Calloway County “Round-Up”
By:  Eerica Byfield
Calloway County, KY - Several people in Calloway County faced an unexpected early wake up call Friday.

After three local law enforcement agencies dropped to break up their criminal activity and haul them off to county jail. 

"Most of this is the results of undercover operations where drugs had been purchased," said Detective Captain Eddie Rollins with the Murray Police.

Officers with the Kentucky State Police, Calloway County Sheriff’s Department and Murray City Police lead the old fashion “round-up” and snatched almost 20 people. 

"The war against drug crimes is one we're trying to win and it's taking the cooperation of all these different agencies to accomplish that task," said Calloway County Sheriff Larry Roberts.   

"Our entire community has a drug problem and we concentrated on this community and this county for the past few months and hopefully this will help them out some," mentioned Kentucky State Trooper Barry Meadows.

All of the people on their list face meth, marijuana, LSD, cocaine or some other drug related charges. 

Officers also picked up any other contraband they spotted during the bust to add to the charges. 

"We're not giving up after this... this is just one battle we've won with these particular people but the war on illegal drugs is definitely on going," said Sheriff Roberts.

Sheriff Roberts adds he’s not willing to shut the door on his community, and hopes this latest corral shows area drug users that local law enforcement are on the look out. 

This is the first time these three Western Kentucky agencies worked together on a large “round-up”.