Homes Torn Apart in Butler County

Homes Torn Apart in Butler County
By: Tiffany Sisson

Qulin, MO - Torrential rains pouring down in a matter of minutes turned streets into waterways in Qulin. The Black River Missionary Baptist Church look like it actually was surrounded by a river. Heavy rains washed over roads. Heartland News caught up with transportation crews warning drivers of the impending threat on highways N, 53, and 51. But with very few alternate routes, many drivers were forced to plow on through.

From water to strong winds, it was an early morning blast that plowed through one couples' home. "About 6:30 this morning, we heard what sounded like a loud bang, an explosion. We all jumped up thinking it was a tornado or something," said William Lewis, storm victim.

Whatever it was, it ripped William and Danasty Lewis' home to shreds. "We walked out and saw the roof up in the tree and out in the middle of the field," said William.

That old tree now looks even more wicked with part of their roof twisting through the branches. What's worse, Thursday was to be the day the Lewis' moved into their new home. But now, the Lewis' home and their dreams are ripped apart. "We just did the electric, the plumbing, the sewer, and all that done on it. We started prepping the walls for paint to move our stuff in," said Danasty.

"Everything's redone in this house," said William.

"We were gonna call the insurance on it today, and we can't do it now," said Danasty.

Now, all that's left to do is clean up. Going through Danasty's mind, "How the heck we're gonna replace it? I have a 5-month-old son that I was getting a better home for. Now, it's all gone."

The Lewis' did not have insurance. But, FEMA, the Red Cross, and The Salvation Army have all been out to help get the Lewis' back on their feet.