Murphysboro Police Investigate Shooting


Murphysboro Police Investigate Shooting
By: Carly O'Keefe

Murphysboro, IL -P

olice received several reports of an exchange of gunfire in Murphysboro's Bridgewood neighborhood. No one was injured, but the shooting lead police on a search for answers.

It happened near Bridgewood and 8th Street where police say there were shots fired at 4:40.

Police were given a description of a car that witnesses say left the scene. Authorities initially believed the car was headed for Carbondale, however further information lead them to a home on Murphysboro's north side near 9th and Maple streets.

Officers spoke to a resident of the home, but were not given the okay to search inside for the suspected gunmen. Police then blocked off the area and surrounded the home and waited to obtain a search warrant. That warrant was not issued before eight of the men inside voluntarily surrendered.

"We also have reason to believe that there may have been others involved that we have yet not encountered. We're still trying to sort out all the facts by talking to the people we have detained," said Murphysboro Police Officer Curt Ehlers.

The men taken into custody were questioned and released.

Police say they still may need a warrant to search the home. They're looking for two weapons and believe one, or both, may still be inside.