Riverfront Overhaul


Riverfront Overhaul
By: Erica Byfield

Paducah, KY - Warmer weather is sure to cause an increase in river traffic, and that's something city leaders in Paducah and local business owners like Sue Clark hope does the trick to get mariners to stop by for a visit.

Clark owns a prime piece of property in the downtown area, right on Broadway less than a half a block away from the entrance to the riverfront.

So, she's anxious to see what type of makeover the city can do with fifty million dollars.

"I think it's wonderful, I've told the city for several years one of the main thing that we need is a marina and docking area," said Clark.

City Planning Director Tom Barnett points out that he is thrilled to get waterfront project underway.

Especially, since the city's called a special public meeting on Thursday March 9th so residents can pass along any ideas and suggestions.

"This is the time is for the entire community and the planners who are going to take information and eventually turn it into a step by step way for us to achieve it," mentioned Barnett.

A few of the possible upgrades for the riverfront include boat ramps, a new landing for river boats and a marina.

Shop owners like Sue Clark can't wait to get a glimpse of the area, and hope the expanded docking gives visitors more room to tie up.

"We see all those people going down that river everyday and not a place to stop so, we're excited about having a place for them to dock and visit us," said Clark.

Again, the meeting will take place Thursday at 5 PM in the Paducah City Hall.