Supreme Court Gives Military Recruiters Green Light

Supreme Court Gives Military Recruiters Green Light
By: Arnold Wyrick
Carbondale, IL - A unanimous decision from the U.S. Supreme Court justices gives military recruiters the right to seek soldiers on college campuses. The federal law, known as the Solomon Amendment after its first congressional sponsor, mandates that universities give the military the same access as other recruiters or forfeit federal money.
Some students on the SIU campus question why recruiters would be there in the first place.
"I always thought that the Army was for people that weren't interested in attending college. And now they're trying to recruit people that are already in college," says Dawn Davenport of Carbondale.
But it turns out that college students are exactly what Army Recruiters are looking for.
"They've shown themselves capable of completing high school and continuing their education. That's a quality the Army's looking for overall. Someone that will start something and have the drive to complete that as well," says U.S. Army Recruiter Sergeant First Class Priscilla Davis.
Some parents walking around the SIU campus on Monday said they didn't have a problem with recruiters being at the university.
"It seems like the place to find good young men and women to serve in the military. I think that it's fine for them to be here," says Steve Meendemeyer of Oakwaville.
And so do SIU administrators, who tell Heartland News they've always allowed recruiters on campus long before the supreme court ruling.
"I don't think it's ever been an issue here. They're one opportunity that students have as well as opportunities from private companies, and public government agencies. It's all part of what our students can evaluate where they want to go after graduation," says Sue Davis Director of SIU Media & Communications.