Kennett Bank Robbery

Kennett Bank Robbery
By: CJ Cassidy

KENNETT, MO --Police hope photographs from surveillance cameras will help them track down the suspect who held up the Kennett Bank of America, Monday morning. Noone was hurt during the robbery, but the suspect got away with about $9,000. The robbery also ends a record Kennett police say they were extremely proud of.

"I guess all good things come to an end," Kennett Police Chief Barry Tate says.
You would say that too, if you hadn't had a bank robbery in your city in 30 years.

Tate says that winning streak ended Monday, but investigators today have something police did not have back in 1976; surveillance video. Images from the cameras clearly show the suspect walking up to a teller, and making his demands.

"He displayed some type of black 9mm weapon and said let me have your 100's and your 20's. At this time we understand it was approximately $ 9,000," Chief Tate says.
"Try to do what the guy says to avoid getting killed," Kennett native Tom Kinsey says the teller did what she was supposed to do.
The retired bank employee remembers exactly what happened during the last bank robbery in his hometown, in 1976.
"A guy came in and robbed it. He had an airplane sitting across the highway there, ran across the highway got in the plane and took off. The police finally caught him several years later in California," Kinsey says.
Now as local, state and federal police follow up on every lead, Kinsey and Chief Tate hope they don't see this type of excitement in their city, for another three decades at least.
Kennett Police hope the images you just saw help them track down their suspect.
Here's a description: investigators say he's a white male, about 6-feet tall with a slender build.
Witnesses say the suspect has acne scarring around the neck, and he was also wearing a gray and blue fleece sweat shirt, blue jeans, and a two- toned baseball hat.
If you have any information on this man or his whereabouts, call the Kennett Polce Department at 573-888-4622.