An Inside Look

An Inside Look
By:  Holly Brantley

ST. LOUIS, MO  -- Little more than a month before opening day and the new Busch Stadium is still very much under construction. In fact, as many as 1,000 workers are on the job almost non-stop. But Senior Vice President of Business Development, Bill DeWitt, says there's no reason to worry. Even though the sod isn't even on the field yet. "It'll be ready," said DeWitt. "They're racing though, it's crunch time."

Dewitt is an expert on the Cardinals' New Stadium. He hopes fans will enjoy what the new park has to offer. "The basic idea from a design stand point was to try to balance openness with intimacy." said DeWitt. The left field section of the outfield is wide open to make room for future development. In that area, fans who didn't pay for a ticket will still be able to watch the game.

Busch is designed so fans feel close to the action from every level and corner of the park. The new stadium also offers more sections for standing room guests.  Yo u'll find incredible views of the Mississippi River from the upper level's "Riverview Corner". Busch Stadium also offers 40 party rooms and 6 luxury suites. Fans will also enjoy relics of the old stadium like the old scoreboards. They've been placed to blend a little bit of the old with the new and to block out the highway. "We'll have the final regular season game against Cinncinnatti that we won put back on the scoreboard." said DeWitt. "There's a full slate of games from that day that we'll put back on the scoreboard as sort of a moment frozen in time from the old stadium."

Around great moments in Cardinal history sit some of your moments. "Bricks surrounding those greatest moments are bricks people signed up for so to find your brick you find the Greatest Moment your brick is next to." DeWitt explained. "Hopefully with opening day people will see what it is we're all so excited about," said DeWitt.

Single game tickets go on sale Saturday, March 4th. Opening day is April 10th.