MSU Officers get more Jurisdiction

MSU Officers get more Jurisdiction
By: Erica Byfield

Murray, KY --

There are rules of the road we all have to follow.

And in law enforcement there is another set, where one jurisdiction begins another one ends. 

But, in Calloway County pretty soon the lines going to get a little fuzzy and the Murray State Police Chief David DeVoss calls it a good thing. 

"We do have a problem when we're conducting official business off of our university owned properties," said DeVoss. 

As of now if a Murray State Police officer is patrolling the streets and spots a disturbance he/she has to radio and the Calloway County Sheriff Department or the Murray City Police and request the ability handle the situation.

"There's an expectation on the apart of the public that if they see a police in uniform that if they had an emergency they could approach them," said DeVoss.

Leaders with the MSU Police Department first contacted the University Board of Regents for approval of expanded jurisdiction and then Calloway County Sheriff’s Department.

Authorities with both groups agreed to the change.

"It's to the benefit to all the citizens of Calloway County and it gives us additional help in the law enforcement community," said Sheriff Larry Roberts.

"There are a number of times when we needed the authority to act in an emergency and this will allow our officers... they'll be more comfortable knowing the authorities being granted to act,” added DeVoss.