Proposed Abortion Ban

Proposed Abortion Ban
By:  CJ Cassidy
Cape Girardeau, MO -- Outlaw abortion in Missouri?   That's what State Senator Jason Crowell wants to do.
The Cape Girardeau Republican says it's time to right a wrong the Supreme Court made back in 1973.
Heartland News sat down with two women who have very strong opinions on the issue of abortion.
Both are victims of rape, and were eager to sound off on Senator Crowell's proposal.
"I was 14-years-old trying to break up with a guy I'd been dating. He forced me to have sex with him," "Renee" as we'll identify her, says.
Thankfully, Renee didn't become pregnant.
"I am against abortion personally, yet I do not feel it is the state or government's right to take that away from me," she says.
It was a different story for her friend "Sally."
At 16, Sally was raped by four strangers, and ended up becoming pregnant.
"I had to have an abortion because the baby was growing halfway inside my womb and halfway out, and if it would have been up to me, I would've had the baby," Sally says.
Senator Jason Crowell's proposal would still give victims like Sally the chance to abort, because her health was at risk; but victims like Renee wouldn't have a choice.
"That child created through that horrible circumstance is still an innocent life and this legislation is about protecting that innocent life," Crowell says.
Still, Crowell says he realizes a compromise may have to be reached, and he would be "open to creating exceptions" when it comes to victims of rape and incest.
"I think Roe v. Wade was wrong in 1973 and it's wrong today. I have the ability to put forward legislation that gives the current Supreme Court an opportunity to revise and revisit an issue a previous Supreme Court ruled wrongly on," Crowell says.
Sally agrees. She says: "Some women that get raped are no longer able to have children anymore because the result of the rape that can be their one and only chance."
However, Renee points out that would still be a choice, entirely up to the woman.
"I would have a very harsh resentment gainst a child who was born out of rape," she says.
Under Senator Crowell's proposed ban on abortion, violators would face criminal charges.
The proposal hasn't even been sent to committee in the senate, so it has a long way to go.
Should the senate pass it, it would go on the ballot for you to vote on in November.