Student Broadcasters in the Heartland


Student Broadcasters in the Heartland
By: Erica Byfield

Graves County, KY - It's lights, camera, action at Graves County High School where staff is helping students dreams of making the big time come true.

"I love media and everything about it," said student Michael Gossum.

And Gossum learned a few skills in the newsroom at Graves County that have propelled him to national status.

At the recent Student Television Network Convention in Anaheim, California he placed third in the live reporting category.

"I was really excited and kind of surprised too because I didn't know if my interview was the quality it would take to place but evidently it worked out for me," said Gossum.

"The live reporting thing that he did I know that it would be a category he could excel in," mentioned teacher and advisor Randy Herndon.

Gossum's achievement is not the only accolade this broadcast programs wound up with lately, for the past six years it's placed first in the state of Kentucky.

"We've been fortunate in this state but I'm trying to get my students to see where else they can notch it up another notch or two," added Herndon.

So, the next time his students head to the west coast his eagles can soar to top.

And for Gossum the recent success is making him shoot for the stars.

"I would possibly even like to do something with sports… like hosting a sports show or a radio sports show and if it took me away from here I think that would be fine just wherever I got the opportunity to do it," said Gossum.