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A Long Road to Recovery


A Long Road to Recovery
By: CJ Cassidy

Cape Girardeau, MO -One Heartland teenager says he spent the past year cleaning up his act.

You may remember we introduced you to Justin Prewitt last May.At the time, Prewitt faced two felony drug charges, and his future seemed bleak.

Since we last talked, the nineteen-year-old is three months away from completing a drug court program; he's taking college classes, and most importantly, he's stayed clean.

Now Justin Prewitt hopes his story inspires other teens like him, who have no hope in sight.

"I can't even see why I was getting high all the time," the teen says, when we caught up with him as he worked at a Kennett Machine Shop.

That's quite a change in attitude from last year.

At the time, Prewitt showed us his drug diary, and gave us an idea of all the experimenting he'd done.

"I smoked weed, tried coke and meth, shrooms, acid lots of stuff," he told us then.

Surprisingly enough, the teen says the road to recovery hasn't been too bumpy, thanks to his sessions in the Dunklin County Drug Court.

"We get drug tested randomly so doing drugs doesn't even cross my mind. I'm not going to prison you know. We go to group meetings work workbooks that helps you see things about yourself you never would have thought of on your own," Prewitt says.

Prewitt's boss, Dave Sumrall also saw past the teen's addictive personality.

"Justin has to stay in school. He can't work here unless he's going to college, he's going to SEMO center here in Kennett, and doing quite well he's got a 3.85 grade point average," Sumrall says.

He's also proud of Justin for breaking the cycle; Prewitt's father should be in prison on drug charges instead he's in hospital with a life threatening illness.

"I don't blame him for what happened," Prewitt says. "It's all me. It was all my decision, no one else's fault. Everyone has something growing up he's still a good father even though he's in and out of prison, and I believe I turned out a lot better than a lot of these other people," he adds.

If all goes as planned, Prewitt will graduate from drug court in June.

He then hopes to head to Cape Girardeau to attend Southeast Missouri State.Drug agents and counselors say they only wish every drug court client was more like Justin Prewitt.

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