Tracking Your Childs Activities on the Internet

Tracking Your Childs Activities on the Internet
By:  Arnold Wyrick
Murphysboro, IL -- The Internet can be a scary place for kids, and parents who worry what they might find! But with a little help from some software, and a keen eye, you can follow their on-line activities.
And it really depends on how computer savvy you are. But a computer experts say once your child is old enough to navigate the Internet.....parents better start paying attention to where they go.
You know it's important to know who your child is hanging out with at school...well, it's just as important to know who they're spending time with on line.
"Yeah they're way ahead of me. Because I can turn it on that's about it," says Larry Clink of Murphysboro.
Clinks is like many parents these days when it comes to tracking down where his kids go on the Internet. And it's even more difficult when kids know more about computers than their parents do.
" I know how to get that stuff off the computer so they can't see where I've been. But when I was younger they had a problem with me going to certain chat rooms and things like that. They didn't want me talking to certain people," says Rachel Zimmerman of Anna, Illinois.
Carol Spurling is the President of B& J Computers in Murphysboro.
She points to some simple ways parents can find out what their child is looking at.
"You can click on the history button in the toolbar, and it'll show you where they've gone today, and yesterday, and last week," Spurling said
Or you can do what some parents do warn their kids about certain dangers before they get on line.
"Sometimes theres pop ups you know a lot of stuff. He asks daddy daddy what to do with this. I said well that's what you're supposed to do let me know. And don't click on things you're not sure of," says Gregory Portee of Carbondale
And just like when you let your child go over to a friends house, the same holds true when you let them on the Internet.
"You do research before you let a child do that this is the same thing. It's a whole universe that allows them to contact anybody and everything that's out there. So yes know what your child's into," Spurling said.
And she adds that one of the best tools on the market for keeping track of your children activities on the Internet is a software program called Cybersitter. It's available on line by simply typing in the words in your search engine. Or in retail stores for about $40.00.