Couple Gets New Digs & New Dog


Couple Gets New Digs & New Dog
By: Wes Wallace

Scott City, MO - When house hunting, most people look at things like price, space, and of course location. On Tuesday, a couple closed on a house in Scott City, but got more than just a roof and four walls, they got a four legged friend.

"Reaction from our family and friends was 'I can't believe that', says new homeowner Jared Essner, "He seems to like us a lot, very tame, very friendly little dog."

That little dog's former owner had to move into an assisted living home, and couldn't take 'Rocky' with him. He put his house up for sale, and made plans to give Rocky to a relative. Enter Jared and Whittnie Essner. "We came to look at the house and saw this little guy, and they told us the situation. We immediately wanted the house and Rocky," explains Whittnie Essner.

Jared and Whittnie say they love animals, but they couldn't have pets in their old apartment. Adopting Rocky seemed like the perfect fit.

Even though getting the little guy was not a deal breaker for making an offer, the Essner's had it written up in their contract agreement. "I wrote it into the offer, not only would Rocky stay here, he'd receive lots of love, care, and attention," says Greg Lincoln, the Essner's real estate agent.

"In 24 years as an agent, I've never had a pet written into a contract, but there it was in black and white, 'Rocky the dog stays', says Connie Killian, the seller's real estate agent, "It just blew my mind."

The former owner does keep visitation rights, and the Essner's say he's welcome to come see Rocky anytime he wants.