Teacher Pay Raise Proposal


Teacher Pay Raise Proposal
By: Erica Byfield

Paducah, KY - For veteran educator Melony Smith teaching at Emma Morgan Elementary School is more than a day job, it's a passion. It's also a profession she knew going into didn't pay too well.

"We would not be here it if was because of the money because we don't make a whole lot of it and what you do make you have to learn how to use it wisely," said Smith.

But, some legislators in Frankfurt want to sweeten the pie for the teachers at all schools across the state.

In, the budget currently in the House law makers want to offer educators a three percent annual salary increase and more than two-hundred million dollars boost in pay spread out over the next four years.

There main reason for offering the pay raise is to keep the teachers in Kentucky.

"We are losing great teachers we are losing people that can help us get to the goal everybody's trying to reach," said Smith.

"We work hard and I feel like we're professionals and we need a pay raise because in other states we're behind in salary," mentioned Lynda Cossiboom a First Grade Teacher.

Recent salary surveys show if teachers cross the state line in any direction they are more than likely to earn more cash.

"We need help, we're doing all we can do, but we need help, we can't just live on nothing," said Cossiboom.

"I'm a firm believer in if it wasn't for our teachers our professionals wouldn't be where they are," added Smith.

It's those same professionals Smith hopes can urge their legislators to vote "yea" in favor of the bump in pay.