Paducah Neighborhood Watch

Paducah Neighborhood Watch
By:  Erica Byfield


Paducah, KY -- Paducah’s like a home away from home for Kathryne Robinson.  She grew up in St. Louis, but admits over the years this river town’s charm keeps drawing her back.


When Robinson noticed the Lowertown developments and heard the recent announcement of the Fountain Avenue Project she started thinking about her area between 9th and 13th streets. 


"When you stop right before you enter there's just a whole neighborhood left behind," said Robinson.


That’s why she’s starting her own neighborhood watch.  Plus she adds with this program she can pull the city in on her fight to improve the community.


"I had to go that route to get the cities attention you get something that's already organized and mix that in with that you can get those rights and privileges," said Robinson.


She’s talking about increased police patrols and protection.


"If they feel better their homes feel better and they can start fixing up things putting flowers out and lets just come out of the house like we used to do," mentioned Robinson.


Her fellow Paducahan Rena Bradshaw agrees this area could use the neighborhood watch program. 


"I believe it will because it's just the community and were just regular people we just want to be together," said Bradshaw. 


"These people need some hope around here you know, fix up their homes and feel good about their area... because I live here too," said Robinson. 


Robinson added she’s not giving up and hopes her latest effort to clean it up the area between 9th and 13th streets works out.