Rounded Up Dogs are Going Home

Rounded Up Dogs are Going Home
By:  Arnold Wyrick

Cutler, IL  - It looks like the residents in the Village of Cutler may have won their battle against the towns Vicious Animal Ordinance. Some members of the Southern Illinois Pet Society saw our report on Heartland News at Six Thursday evening and decided to get involved in the fight.

"When I saw it on the news it just tore my heart out, because I knew how those people felt. I lived in fear of the same thing happening to me," says Susan Riston of Cairo.

Riston found out after she'd brought Buddy, a pit bull, home that Cairo had an ordinance banning that breed of dog within the city limits.

"The idea of getting rid of a dog that you have that's a member of your family was heartbreaking. We would've moved before we would've given him up," Riston said.

So instead she fought Cairo's vicious dog ordinance and won. But it wasn't without the help of another animal rights group.

" A friend of mine contacted the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and a Ledy Vankavage contacted Cairo's city attorney at the time and informed them of the illegality of the towns ordinance.

Now Riston and her friend at the ASPCA are joining in the Cutler battle over the enforcement of the villages vicious animal ordinance.

" Ledy has already contacted the village mayor and attorney. We plan on making it known to the people of the town that nobody can take their dogs because they are a Rottweiler, or Pit Bull, or any other breed," Riston said.

When Heartland News contacted the Village of Cutler's legal counsel Don Bigham, he informed us that he's instructed the mayor to suspend the enforcement of the ordinance, until he can research it further.

And they've also notified everyone in the village that they can bring their dogs home for the time being. They're also working with the Perry County Animal Control officer to have the 2 Rottweilers removed from residents yards on Wednesday morning, returned to their owners.