Paducah's Volunteer Police Force


Paducah's Volunteer Police Force
By: Erica Byfield

Paducah, KY - Playing his vintage guitar is always a stress reliever for downtown shop owner Barry Clark.

But lately one of the items causing him stress is the lack of parking in front of his antique business on Broadway.

"We need parking places for people who come down here to shop. Normal shoppers don't spend too long maybe an hour or two," said Clark.

According to the signs posted down Broadway parking is limited to 2 hours; and as Clark's noticed just because it's a rule doesn't mean people follow it.

"We have had people and even trucks that have been out here all day long which is not good for business," said Clark.

This is where the Paducah Police Department and volunteer officers step in with their new patrolling program.

"This program helps the department to free up officers to handle more high priority situations," mentioned sergeant J.P. Roberts.

So, you guessed it, volunteers in the V.I.P.S. Program or Volunteer in Police Service will start handing out tickets to parking violators this spring.

"We'll have radios with us so I'm not really concerned we'll run into any trouble this area's basically a nice area," adds Maredith Morris the president of the Volunteer Police Officers.

"These folks that are doing this aren't rookies they been involved in organization for three years and there very well trained," said Roberts.

Plus, he tells me having civilians dressed in blue will save the city thousands of dollars annually and keeps the cops on the streets.

"These aren't bad guys there out here to help us and we're here to help them," Morris stated.

And Barry Clark adds the new regulation in parking is truly a stress reliever.