Pets That Can Paint

Pets That Can Paint
By: Erica Byfield

Mayfield, KY -- It’s not everyday creatures paint.  But, dogs and cats at one local animal shelter dipped their paws in some paint to raise a few bucks. 

These masterpieces aren't canvases you would expect to find in The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Pat Vincent said that is what makes them interesting.      

"It's very different, it's exciting sometimes and then you look at the finished painting and you think what on earth we are going to do with that," mentioned Vincent.

She adds, “Because you can't see anything inside the design or the painting all and you get a mat and you get a frame and you start placing it over the painting and all of a sudden some part of that painting pops out."

Each paw print and splatter of paint could mean big bucks for the Mayfield/Graves County Animal Shelter.

Vincent tells me the reason is bids for the paintings start at $15.

But, if you would like to piece created by a local Siberian Lynx it could cost you upwards to $75.

"All of the proceeds will go to animal shelter to supplies and food whatever we need here... which is a lot," Vincent adds.

There is a bonus for hanging one of these paintings on your wall. 

"We were able to get biographical information and pictures of all these animals so that they'll be some information so hopefully the person who is bidding on the painting will be able relate to the animal that did the painting," said Animal Shelter Board Member Mary-Helen Taylor.

Both ladies admit, they can’t wait to find the each painting a home… but more importantly finding all the furry artists who creates these works of art someone to cuddle up with.