Weight Wars - Week 4

Weight Wars Week 4
By: Mary-Ann Maloney

Cape Girardeau, MO -- One month, dozens of workouts and countless calories cut later, our Weight Wars team weighed in Tuesday night.  There are four teams battling to win the grand prize given to the team that loses the most weight.  If the competition were to end today, the winners would be team number team.  Over the course of this competition, our teams have lost a total of 364 3/4 pounds.

Just because the Weight Wars idea started inside the friendly confines of Healthpoint Fitness Center in Cape Girardeau , certainly doesn't mean it has to stay there.  In fact, one of our teams took their workouts outside last week.  OJ Turner and Stacy Ellis lead team # 3.  I like to call them the "Beauty and the Beast."  Stacy is about five feet tall, a petite girl with the sweetest of faces.  Then there's OJ.  The Beast.  O-J used to play football and wrestle.  Now that he's older, he gets pleasure hurting other people through exercise.  Just kidding.  OJ is a terrific motivator and an inspiration his team.

OJ is always coming up with new ways to keep his team interested.  Not long ago, he sent an e-mail to all of his team members telling them to meet at the gym at 7am on a Saturday morning.  They were told to dress warmly and that's all.  When they arrived at the Healthpoint they stretched out and headed outside.  OJ and Stacy were taking them on a little run.  A run that would take them downtown, up the Common Pleas Courthouse steps-twice-and then back to the gym.  Like the troopers they are, the team took off.  The time was 7:15 am, the temperature 28 degrees.  OJ had the "Rocky" theme blasting from a boom box as the team mounted the steps.  Michelle Prichard is on the team and thought that running up those steps together bonded the team even more.  The round-trip run that was supposed to last 40 minutes took an hour and a half.  But no one cared.

A few days later the group got another e-mail.  This one telling them to be at the Cape Central High School wrestling gymnasium at 7 pm sharp.  OJ got there before them, turned up the heat a little bit, and then started working them out to the tune of "Eye of the Tiger."  The group did interval training.  They worked on push-ups, squat thrusts and knee lifts.  They did sprints and sit-ups.  OJ believes that if you change up the routine, you stay enthused about working out.  Candy Lane , one of the team members, knew Weight Wars was going to be an adventure, but she didn't know it would be this much fun.  Candy likes the fact that she doesn't know what's coming next.  The team gets a kick out of OJ and all his ideas. Stacy and OJ must know what their doing because four weeks into the competition their team is in first place.  They lost 23 pounds last week.  With two weeks to go, the competition is heating up and all of our teams really want to win.