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Shooting Suspect's Family Makes Emotional Appeal


Shooting Suspect's Family Makes Emotional Appeal
By: CJ Cassidy

Cape Girardeau, MO -We continue our coverage on a disturbing trend we've been highlighting on teenage violence.

Police say they're looking for George Albert Henry because he shot another man in the back Valentine's Day, during an alleged drug deal.

Still, Henry's family worries about the danger the teen himself could face, not the threat he poses to anyone else.

"Police down in St. Louis are very aggressive with their work, so they find someone they say's armed and dangerous they won't talk to him they'll probably open fire," 18-year-old George Albert Henry's brother says.

The family hopes it doesn't come to that.

Police say Henry's been on the run ever since the 14th of February, and now his mother hopes an appeal to her youngest son helps bring him back home.

"George me and Robert would like for you to call us. Let us know how you're doing where you're at see if we can come to sort of an understanding for everybody. Call me George," she says.

Police say one of Henry's own relatives saw him pull the trigger, and then rob the victim.

But Robert says there's another side to the story.

"He told me he was drunk that day when it happened he told me he had no involvement but he was there," he says.

Still, the Henry family doesn't believe George ever owned a gun.

"I've been shot before, and I know he's scared of guns. I don't think he knows how to use a gun. He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time," Robert says.

"I know he's scared and I'm scared for him," Luevean Henry says. " I only blame myself because it seems like well, I don't want to say we're not close enough to where he doesn't want to talk to me, but that's what it leads to he ain't telling me nothing," she adds.

"I hope he turns himself in and clears his side of the story. Hopefully it'll come to a head," Robert adds.

The Henry family says they have no idea where George Albert could be now, although they think he might be somewhere in Saint Louis, where the family once lived.

Police ask you call them if you have any information on his whereabouts.

Despite what Henry's family says investigators still believe their suspect is armed and dangerous.

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