MoDOT's New Online Game Brings Questions

MoDOT's New Online Game Brings Questions
By: CJ Cassidy

A new game on the Missouri Department of Transportation web site has a serious message: how your tax dollars are spent on state projects.

The game's price tag? Nearly $20,000. That has some taxpayers asking is this really necessary?

"We've developed this online challenge to figure out how you would fund the priorities," that's from MoDOT Director Pete Rahn.

The online game challenges you to take care of Missouri's roads and bridges, among other things.

"MoDOT's mission is to provide you with a world class transportation experience," Rahn says, in his introduction to online users.

Everyone who checked out the game had plenty of suggestions on making that goal a reality.

"Enhanced safety railways and buses, we always need transportation," Herman Moore of Cape Girardeau says.

"Bike and pedestrian walks would be a nice thing to have," another motorist, Donn Ganim adds.

Considering the hefty price tag however, some of you question the importance of the game itself.

"It's an ok game, but they could have invested the $20,000 on something more useful," Kristy Cecil tells Heartland News.

"It does seem high, but I don't know, a lot of times if you want something good you have to pay for it," Ganim points out.

"Southbound Interstate 55 is really rough. I don't think $ 20,000 would have fixed it all, but it would've been a drop in the bucket towards getting it fixed," Moore adds.

Make that a drop in a pothole.

Still, a MoDOT spokeswoman tells me the money came from federal funds and could not have been used anywhere else.

"It's a task we must all work together to accomplish for the sake of Missouri's future," Rahn says.

"I need more information to make an educated decision but I think it's a good effort to get people involved," Ganim agrees.

The game is part of MoDOT's Missouri advance planning initiative.

So far only about 1,000 people have logged on to check out the web site, but MoDOT leaders say all your suggestions will be taken into consideration.