Psychic Detectives - Part 2

Psychic Detectives - Part 2
By: Holly Brantley
It’s a missing person’s case more than 25 years old and one you may remember.
In part one of our Psychic Detectives series we explored the murder of Ron Hicks of Harrisburg. It case in which a former sheriff says psychics came close but, fell short of helping police solve the case. In part two we take you back to the late seventies when a psychic fromPaducah was brought to Southeast Missouri to help search for a teenager who vanished without a trace.
Six years before Ron Hicks went missing, police were searching for Cheryll Ann Scherer. The 19-year-old disappeared from a Scott City gas station where she worked alone as a clerk. She vanished in broad daylight only a few feet from the busiest street in Scott City. That was April 17, 1979.
“Someone came by the station. In a few minutes someone else came by and she was gone,” said former Sheriff, Bill Ferrell. “There was no one, no witnesses, nobody saw anything.”
Bill Ferrell had been Scott County Sheriff for two years when Scherer disappeared. “Almost no clues or anything at the scene,” Ferrell said. “There were no finger prints other than hers.”
Information came in from across the country. But, every lead came to a dead end. Family members thought a psychic might shed some light on the case. “I interviewed two psychics from St. Louis,” said Ferrell. “They covered every aspect of everything. In Scott City they said they had the feeling of trains, trucks, cars, blue ones, red ones, green ones,” Ferrell recalls. If you know Scott City, you know trains are common. So is highway traffic passing through from Interstate 55. The information from the psychics was just too general to make any conclusions.
The search for Cheryll did not end. In the 80’s another psychic was brought in from Paducah.
“The thing that was significant for us in this lady's case was we didn't tell her the building was torn down,” said Ferrell. “We just told her the location. She went to the new building back to a cooler and stood by it and said she had strong feelings about the location.” But the location was four hundred feet from where the old building was. Again, the psychic was off the mark. Ferrell says he was willing to do whatever might help the Scherer family. “The family I know them so well,” said Ferrell. “Anything we could do to help get them some closure I would do; even talking to a psychic if we felt we weren't going to get any information.”
During his years as Scott County Sheriff Ferrell says he consulted other psychics for other families. He says if he were still in law enforcement he would do it again.
“Yes, I would spend whatever time that it took to do whatever it would take to help the family.”
Bill Ferrell says during his time as sheriff a psychic never gave the department any information that helped solve a case.
The family of Cheryll Ann Scherer says they are still hopeful one day someone, somewhere, will bring them a piece of information that will help lay Cheryll’s mystery to rest.