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Escalating Violence on the South Side of Town


Escalating Violence on the South Side of Town
By: CJ Cassidy

Cape Girardeau, MO - New details on the latest shooting investigation in Cape Girardeau.

Prosecutors released the man being held in connection with the shooting.

Police say the 23-year old victim, a white male, was shot in the back.

It happened in front of a home, in the 900-block of South Jefferson street Tuesday night.

Police now tell us they are looking for a second suspect, and we'll have more information as it comes available.

Before last night's shooting, Cape Police and the SEMO Drug Task Force agents carried out a string of busts they say highlight a violent new trend.

Agents tell me they're seeing more drug dealers carrying weapons these days, and since no one knows where the next deal might go down, they fear you could be caught in the crossfire.

"During the last three weeks we've uncovered firearms handguns long guns; one of the suspects even had ammunition and one had a bulletproof vest," one undercover agent with the Task Force says.

Throw guns into the mix, and drug agents say they never know what they're up against when they raid a home.

"80 to 90% of them are getting them through illegal means from burglaries and then drug addicts are trading them for guns," he explains.

In just the past three weeks Cape Girardeau Police took on two investigations involving drug related shootings.

"All these kids and young people come over here selling their dope shooting their guns," Linda Cook says.

Cook, lives on Hanover Street, and says she's no stranger to gunfire.

"We can't even go home, or be safe at home because we're afraid of gunfire coming through your window or your walls or a closer. It's a shame we have to live like this," she says.

Cook speaks from experience. Her neighbor's house sports a bullet hole from a recent shooting.

"Thank God they didn't hit anybody when they were shooting their little old guns," she says.

Cook also believes guns find their way onto her street via drug dealers.

She points to baggies and box that held a weighing scale as evidence.

"We love this neighborhood but we won't be able to sell our houses because they're not worth anything anymore," Cook says.

"They've got every right to be concerned every time someone fires it's going to hit somewhere," the drug agent points out.

So what can be done to make your streets and neighborhoods safer?

Agents say you can help them. If you hear of anyone getting their hands on any weapons, call your police department.

You may very well help prevent a gun battle taking place in your own neighborhood.

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