Weight Wars - Week 3

Weight Wars - Week 3
By: Mary-Ann Maloney
Cape Girardeau, MO - Halfway through our Weight Wars competition and our teams are still taking off significant weight.
During the third week of diet and exercise, the four teams took off a total of 73 pounds. This is down from the first two weeks which each saw a more than 100 pound drop.
Trainers say the leveling off is to be expected. Team members lost a lot of water during the first two weeks and they're gaining muscle.
While are teams are working hard to lose weight, no one seems particularly discouraged about this week's weigh-in. They know in seven days they'll get on the scale again and hopefully see the numbers drop more. Most importantly, participants report that their clothes are fitting differently.
Lois Seabaugh can't even wear the clothes she wore two years ago. Back then, she was closing in on 400 pounds.
Lois ate whatever she wanted and as much as she wanted. Exercise was not a part of her life, in fact, she needed a special lift chair just so she could get up after sitting.
Lois was so sure she was killing herself that she went to a local funeral home and actually paid for her arrangements so her family wouldn't be burdened.
Then Lois saw that Healthpoint Plaza was opening and a friend talked her into applying for a job. Lois took a chance and Healthpoint took a chance on her. She got a job in the laundry department, collecting, washing and folding hundreds of towels a week. The job got her in the door and Lois no longer had an excuse for not working out.
She and a trainer started working out together and over the course of many months and lifestyle changes, Lois dropped 92 pounds. Over the summer, she relapsed a bit and put a few pounds on enjoying family picnics but she's back, hard at it with her Weight Wars team.
Lois loves working out with the team and is the one you hear cheering everyone on during their workouts. Lois truly believes that Healthpoint saved her life and encourages everyone who's battling weight to not give up, as she once considered doing. Lois is living proof that if you decide to make a change and are disciplined, you can do it.
Now, when the funeral director comes in to workout, Lois laughingly tells him that he's going to have to wait on her!