The Vice President's Weapon of Choice Explained

The Vice President's Weapon of Choice Explained
By: Ryan Tate
Cape Girardeau, MO - Vice President Dick Cheney used a .28 gauge shotgun in the hunting accident in Texas over the weekend. He used size 7-1/2 birdshot in the gun.
The .28 gauge is an uncommon shotgun, not used by many hunters. According to experts, the lighter, smaller shotgun makes hunting quails or doves tough. That is why experienced hunters are the few that use a .28.
"It's fun to shoot, it's tough to get shells sometimes, because most people don't use it," David Milam said. Milam is a Cape Girardeau hunter.
A hunter will find between 300 and 360 birdshot in one #8 shell. The Vice President shot 78-year-old Harry Whittington from about 30 yards away. At that range, the weapon loses some of its strength.
[30 yards] is stretching the maximum effective range of the gun," Milam said.
Whittington's doctors say they will not remove some of the birdshot from Whittington's body, because it could cause more damage.
Whittington suffered a mild heart attack Tuesday.