Farmers Looking for Love

Farmers Looking for Love
By:  Jason Lindsey
Cape Girardeau County, MO - Are you having a tough time finding a sweetheart? If you're a farmer looking for love things just got a lot easier.
Life on the farm can be a bit lonely, heck the only gals in Missouri farmer Brandon Petzoldts life are his cows. That's until Valerie Duvall showed up! Farmers like Petzoldt say trying to find the perfect mate is like looking for a needle in a haystack.
Petzoldt and Duvall are your typical Heartland farmers and like most they are looking for a mate with certain characteristics.
Petzoldt told me, "If they don't want to come out here and walk around in the mud and the crap it just makes it more difficult." Even Duval is a little picky! She says, "I was looking for somebody that liked to live out in the country...somebody that likes to do outside work."
Not everybody is as lucky as Brandon and Valerie. They say, living in the middle of nowhere isn't a big plus, especially when you're looking for love. Thank goodness for! It's a new website just for those farmers looking for the perfect match.
You won't find Brandon or Valerie on, they both say, whether it's the web or in person, no matter how you find your true love give it time.