On-line Love Crimes


On-line Love Crimes
By: CJ Cassidy

Cape Girardeau, MO - M
ost of us know what it's like to be in lov
to get caught up in that feeling where you want to share everything about yourself with your significant other.

ut how much is too much information?

n this day set aside for lovers
wanted to find out
just what kinds of problems you could run up against when love goes sour.

get about 4 or 5 of these every six months
," Detective Brad SMith with the Cape Girardeau POlice Department says as he sifts through cases that revolve
around spats between ex-lovers.

his type of spite and revenge evolves with technology,
just a new way of doing it
," Smith says, adding
couples often exchange passwords to e-mail accounts.
he says
the problems start when they put the brakes on their relationship.

ve had it to where
people have
out e-mails to professors to family with members to anyone that will cause
owner of the account quite some embarrassment
," he says.

hat may sound like a pure prank
but smith says violators can face misdemeanor charges for tampering with computer data.

really don't see the person
'm involved with
ever doing that to ruin my reputation
," Jessica Diebold, a SEMO student says.

ut the detective points out no one ever does
and that's why the problem exists.

hat's the risk you run
. You
hope you're in a relationship that isn't going to end
and if it does
or you think it's going to, you may want to change your password before they change it for you
," Smith says.


ost computer users we talked to say it's tough to stay cynical when your
up about your love life.

e have a pretty open relationship
so I
don't think
have anything to worry about
," another student at the SEMO campus, Allison Rohe says.

first time offender can spend up to one year in prison and get a thousand dollar fine.

f the violator makes any kind of threat
prosecutors could also tack on felony stalking charges.