Sweetheart Valentine's Surprises


Sweetheart Valentine's Surprises

By: Erica Byfield

Paducah, KY - For sweethearts across the Heartland Valentine's Day full of balloons, candy and dozens of red roses to show their special someone they care.

"Everybody loves red roses and they love sending red roses," said Ricky Hughes the Marketing Director of InBloom Floral and Marketplace.

But, the question is who goes out of their way to make Cupid's Day something a little extra special for the one they love?

"We just did a 50 rose arraignment and I think it was 200 and it just went out," adds Hughes.

Also, at a local candy shop Tuesday we heard about a gentleman ordering more than a thousand dollars in chocolate treats to meet the needs of some fellow employees.

And some people even drop by the local costume shop to celebrate the Holiday.

"Prince Charming's been very popular in the past and sometimes people like to do things that are humorous like, believe it or not one year a guy came in and rented a shriek to wear to ask his girlfriend to marry him," mentioned Natalya Haden of Creatures of Habit in downtown Paducah.

Tabitha Riley tells me she learned about the best surprise of all.

"Me and my husband just found we are expecting our 3rd child and were extremely excited and we got to see it in the ultra sound."

And, Susan Edwards of Paducah's husband can't be out done either.

"I go into my computer room and there's another single rose... a white rose on my computer with another note "Be My Valentine Forever" and when I went to my car there was yet another single rose with a piece of chocolate."

It's just those small gestures that go a long way… and could possible lead to wedding bells.

And, Ricky Hughes tells me he did know if his flowers may add to that wedded bliss.

"So are you helping anybody proposing today? Well, we're hoping they do I haven't heard that yet... maybe well see that tonight on the news as the day goes by."