Teaching Work Habits Early

Teaching Work Habits Early
By: Mary-Ann Maloney
You teach your children manners, respect, to cover their mouths when the sneeze, but are you teaching them how to work?
Many employers today say kids don't know how to work. It's something that parents should be teaching their children when they're young according to Theresa Lumos, a child counselor.
Lumos says that when your kids are young and hang on your every word is the time to mold them into good workers.
How do you do it?
Children as young as four years old can have simple jobs around the house. My four year old Griffin is in charge of feeding our dogs twice a day. He and his younger brother Cooper, who's two, also are expected to clean up their toys.
Carolyn Thomas, a counselor withCommunity Counseling Center in Cape Girardeau insists that parents don't have to pay their children for their work. Thomas encourages paying them with praise.
Ashley Callis works as a waitress and trainer at Dexter Barbecue in Cape Girardeau. Her parents taught Ashley to work when she was a baby. Her first job was picking up any mess she made and as she aged, her job list grew. By the time she was in her teens Ashley had a number of responsibilities.
She believes that it taught her how to be a good employee. Her boss, John Fitzgerald, agrees. Fitzgerald says it's hard to find kids who know how to work nowadays. Although they'll tell him during their interview what he wants to hear, when the get on the job, it's a different story. If Fitzgerald interviews six people, two of them will turn out to be good employees.
Most of all, Fitzgerald wants kids who know how to take charge. He believes that leadership skills are a problem for many teenage workers.
So, what can you do? Don't be afraid to ask your children to help out around the house. They can help plan dinners, feed the pets, water the plants and even help wash the car. Teaching your children how to work now, will save them a lot of trouble down the road when they're trying to land a job and their boss isn't Mom or Dad.